SpiceJet Airport Check In

Passengers can check in at the airport counters of SpiceJet. This is the standard way in which check-in happens. Though people use web check in to avoid long queues and hassles, there is still a need to show up at airport counters for verification of documents in some situations.
Spicejet airport check-in for domestic flights begins 2 hours before and closes 45 minutes before scheduled departure. Boarding gate closes 20 minutes before scheduled departure.
Valid ID proofs:
1. Driving License
2. Aadhar card
3. Voter ID card
4. Pan Card
5. Valid Birth certificate for infants
6. Photo ID card from government/reputed private organizations
7. School ID cards of children or any other photo ID
If you are boarding connecting flights of Spicejet, you are issued 2 boarding passes right at the origin airport. Check in for final destination allowed till 45 minutes before departure of flight.
Spicejet airport check in for international flights begins 3 hours before and closes 75 minutes before scheduled departure of flights. Boarding gate closes 25 minutes before scheduled departure. For Kabul bound flights, this time limit is 45 minutes.
In case of international connecting flights, the boarding pass for the final destination will be issued at the last departing station. It is not given at the time of check in at the airport of origin.
Valid Id Proofs: Only Passport is considered as a valid ID proof. It must have a validity of 6 months.
There is some relaxation for Nepal as, besides Passport, Voter ID card is also considered a valid ID proof. DL and PAN Card is not considered valid proof.

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43 thoughts on “SpiceJet Airport Check In

  1. I have ID card, Aadhar and PAN card. My daughter is a student, she owned a school ID but my wife dosent have any ID, she had only sslc book. Please help.

    • It would be good if you could use some other valid Id proof of the child as well. For wife, if she has a photo stamped bank passbook then it can also work as a valid id proof.

  2. I am will be travelling first time via an airline..
    I have pancard and other govt issued id cards from courts as am a lawyer and an adhar card. I hope it is sufficient id proof.
    Am very nervous.

    • Yes, it is fine. No need to be nervous. The airline and airport officials are cooperative in case you need their help. Do carry all travel docs in original and take printed copies of boarding pass if you have already got it in email.

  3. Hey !! I am traveling with my family, we are total 6 peoples. Unfortunately, two little sisters (11) & (16) age, they are not holding aadhar card yet, But they have aadhar application receipt with photograph and school ID cards and we all 4 adults we are holding our all ID proofs with us. Please advice are they able to travelling with us.

    • Please tell airline what all you have. In our view, it shall not be a problem but it is better to seek approval from airline ahead of travel

  4. Hi Sir. Am travelling by airlines for the first time with my family(5). Can we carry luggage individually. Like 5 bags? And what is the maximum weight that can be carried is it 15kg or 20kg? Also we booked from Chennai to Varanasi and we will have a break in the journey at Hyderabad Airport. We need to wait around 5 hours there. My doubt is whether can we wait there without any payment? Please clarify.

    • There is no payment for waiting. Second, the baggage allowance is 15 kg per adult or child passenger for domestic flights of the airline. Infants do not have baggage allowance.

  5. My 2 nd half year old girl child has only the photo medical card issued by my employer a Govt. Of India entity. Is it sufficient as valid document for air travel

    • Birth certificate of the child, vaccination records, hospital ID document, mothers discharge summary are some of the other documents which can be accepted.

  6. I have 5 and half months old baby girl, can colour scan copy of her birth certificate will be accepted at airport?Me and my wife have all valid id.

  7. My wife name is Ramya ,while booking i have given only Firstname as Ramya ,lastname is not given but in Spicejet Printed ticket displayed as Ramya Ramya. In government ID Proof printed as Ramya K,Please help on this ,Its allowable.

    • This shall not cause a problem. Please get in touch with the airline. If they need any additional documentation, they will inform.

  8. Hello I have e adhar in smart card form as id proof. Can I Board flight? Or u need full paper color print out of e Adhar card?

    • You do need to have the original colour print of the Adhaar card. E-version will not be sufficient. Print out has to be taken.

  9. Hi i m travelling with my sistem who is 16. However she is not having aadhar card or any other id proof.
    Will affidavit of her name with photo on it will be ok. Pls advise.

  10. Is duplicate copy of driving license or and ID card of a private company is enough to travel in Spicejet from Vijayawada to Chennai?

  11. Dear Spicejet Executive, My son is 1 year old, he owned a Photo Passbook from India Post as ID, can it work as valid ID proof? Please help

  12. Hello sir
    Good morning
    I want to ask is colour print of e adhaar from its website is valid to travel from Chennai to Delhi or not. I have company I’d card.

  13. I have an id card with my sir name prior to marriage but ticket is booked in my surname after marriage?
    Does that id card valid? Can I fly with that?

    Also the same PnR my husband is travelling n he has an id card..can I fly?

    • Sorry for late reply. We are now more regular with our services with bigger team.
      If you have a marriage certificate that will help.

    • Carrying anything more than your free allowance will entail more charges, irrespective of whether you are a student or not.